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Volume 02

051> Coincidence - or when our paths cross

052> Flight Engineer - Poem

053> Dakota Deliveries - Unlimited

054> 'Window' - 60th Anniversary

055> Peenemunde Raid - 60th Anniversary

056> Force 136 Liberators

057> The Route towards joining No. 240 (Catalina) Squadron

058> Return to Mull

059> The Glenn Martin Marauder in the Mediterranean

060> Last Flight of 'S' for Sugar

061> Hogmanay

062> From Bombay to Hastings by Air

063> On a Higher Plane with 602

064> Mugged at Eighteen Thousand Feet

065> Air Force Incidents in the Immediate Post WW2 Period

066> Mixed Loyalties in Wartime

067> The Battle of Matapan - 230 Squadron Sunderlands

068> Manchester L7300

069> Sixty Years Earlier

070> South Aftrica Et Al

071> The Long Years in Captivity

072> Conflict In Italy

073> For Valour

074> Lost, Found then Lost Again!

075> 1354 DDT Flight, Pegu, Burma

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Welcome to the Aircrew Saltire Branch Library, perhaps one of the largest accumulation of personal aircrew and wartime experiences in the World! Contributions are welcome from all Aircrew Association members currently resident in Scotland.

076> The Lone Survivor

077> Silent We Strike

078> Caught Napping!

079> Memories of a single-engine pilot

080> Last of the Thousand Bomber Raids

081> Duff Gen

082> Crash Landing

083> The role of RAF Bomber Command in the Battle of Britain

084> Combatting Stress - Then and Now

085> Oh What A Lovely War!

086> Air Crash in the Welsh Mountains

087> A Brief Warsaw Encounter

088> Life On Coastal Command 1939-45

089> High Flight Poem

090> Premonition?

091> The RAF Transformation During the 1930s

092> Flying a Marauder on one Engine

093> Flying to the Limits or Phantom Refuelling

094> My Last Op - Further Information

095> Ditching In The Atlantic

096> Pensacola, USA

097> A day In The Life Of A Spitfire Pilot

098> A Short Flight

099> Searchlights

100> Five Brothers Go To War

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