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Welcome to our art pages. In this index, there is a mixture of art work from various artists. The top one shows the remarkeable detail of the Branch Archives book cover. The coloured prints below it were recently auctioned while the graphics below them link to stories in the Branch Library. As before, click on the pictures to see the full size picture.

A Christmas Mercy Mission was Vic Campden's account - See Lib Ref 101

A Christmas Mercy Mission was Vic Campden's account; and the only person who could give an accurate drawing of the scene was the pilot who flew into it.
See Library Ref. 101

Operation Manna

Operation Manna: reproduced by courtesy of The Nanton Lancaster Air Museum, Canada, and the artist John Rutherford.
This painting is shown as a tribute to all Saltire Branch members who took part in 'Operation Manna'
See Library Refs. 30, 53,161 and 177

Tapestry of a Bristol 'Brigand' of No. 8 Squadron in 1951

Tapestry of a Bristol 'Brigand' of No. 8 Squadron in 1951 flying over the Wadi Hadhramaut in what was then the Eastern Aden Protectorate (now part of the Yemen). Sorry; the submitted picture did not translate well to enlargement hence no link to an enlarged image in this case.
Picture courtesy of Vic Campden.

Aircrew Association Archive Book Cover

Eagles Wing Painting - Bf109s

Dam Busters

Click here to see 'Beat Up'

End of the Night Fighter Sortie - with a poem

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