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Jack Burgess

We have handed over control of the national website to others while concentrating on our own new website. Since setting up the website in 1997, the Branch has been instrumental in handling several hundreds of messages on the Interactive Forum.  Some of the unforgettable ones included a message from an Austrian serviceman who requested reconnaissance photographs of a former munitions factory near Vienna.

Attempting to rebuild this building without any architectural plans or details, he felt that RAF P.R.aircrew could be the most likely source of information on the former shape of this factory from their reconnaissance photographs.

Another message from Canada requested addresses of surviving relatives of the 50 aircrew shot after attempting to escape. The intention was to present a painting of the "StalagLuft 111-Tunnel Martyrs" commissioned by an ex-POW group.

Among the scores of other messages, there was a surprising upsurge of interest among young persons wishing to pursue all types of aviation history, or seek details of fathers or grandfathers who had lost their lives as members of aircrew.

Unfortunately, many people either unable or unwilling to 'place' a message on the forum, simply clicked on the 'contact us' button whereby the message was directed straight into J.B.'s computer.  In one day, 17 messages were received all requiring replies and assorted information. From now on, the ACA Executive Council will be responsible for controlling the National Website, and will handle all incoming messages.  This is exactly how things should be, and we wish them all success.

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