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Library Reference Number: 255

Number 357(SD) Squadron - SE Asia

David Smith

Webmaster's Note: By far, this particular article is the largest and most sophisticated article ever presented to the SSAA website for publication and runs to about 21-23 A4 sized pages of text. In addition, the author, David Smith, has used a considerable number of text effects that we have never used on this website in the past. As a consequence, I wondered whether I should create a massively expanded Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) before encoding the entire text or else adopt a simpler and more reliable technology in which the reader can download the file to his or her computer and then reading the file with commonly available software.

357 (SD) Squadron -SE Asia

On balance, and after considerable thought, I have chosen the latter approach with three links to copies of the same file but stored on the Internet in three different formats.

The first format is that intended for use with Microsoft Word as included in the Microsoft Office package. Clicking on this first link will automatically open Microsoft Word with the article in place if you are using Internet Explorer as as your browser and assuming that you have a copy of Microsoft Word installed on your computer. Google browser users need to click on the tab created at the bottom of the screen to attain the same result.
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The second format is that intended for use with 'Writer' as included within the Apache Open Office suite avalable free of charge at This is useful if you don't have Microsoft Word available to you on you computer. Notes concerning the use of browsers is exactly same as given above.
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The third and final format is that of the venerable portable document format (pdf) and which can be read by a wide number of programs available to PC, Apple Mac, Linux and others. A free copy of Adobe reader can be downloaded at Same comments about browsers apply in this case too.
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Please note that all three options provide the means of saving and storing the article since, as already stated, it is quite long and may take several sessions to read it in entirety. This was also an important consideration when choosing this method of distributing the article. As somebody who spends a lot of time researching and writing myself, I have no doubt that author David Smith has spent many hours in carefully creating this highly informative article.