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East Fortune Visit - 19/10/2001

The following is a photographic record of a visit by the Saltire Branch of the Aircrew Association to the East Fortune Airfield and Museum of Flight in Lothian, Scotland, near Edinburgh. The first photograph shows the late Bill Reid, VC (see library reference 001) presenting a copy of the Saltire Branch Archives to Dawn Kemp, Curator of the Museum of Flight.

Branch Archives Presentation

Our second photograph shows Mrs Isobel Hall presenting a copy of her late husband's book to Dawn Kemp.

Mrs Isobel Hall presents her late husband's book to Dawn Kemp

Dawn Kemp, Curator of the Museum of Flight, replied to the seated presentation party.

Dawn Kemp replies to the presentation party

Some Saltire Branch members enjoyed a lovely meal following the presentation.

A lovel meal was enjoyed by members

Footnote: Dawn Kemp has since moved on to new territory and, since the decomission of both British and French Concorde Aircraft, the Museum of Flight has one of the Concorde Aircraft on display. More information about this, plus many other exhibits, including rockets and missiles, can be found on their web site. See air related links from this web site to get there.

On the basis of the proven adage that, 'a picture replaces one thousand words of description' we invite you to share our gallery of past and modern times and where members are freely encouraged to submit photographs.

Ernest Wall and Friends

Ernest Wall flew as a Wireless Op/Air Gunner in Marauders of No. 24 Squadron, South African Air Force. Ernest is shown on the photograph, front row and right. This particular Marauder, photographed in Italy (1944), had just completed one hundred sorties. The length of operational tour was at the C.O.'s discretion and he decided Ernest had completed his tour of duty after sixty-nine flying operations.

B-24 Liberator and Crew

Jack Burgess flew in B24 Liberators with an all-Canadian crew of the Royal Canadian Air Force. In this picture, Jack is pictured on the extreme right and sitting on the engine while based in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) in 1945. Returning from a long range mission, this aircrew survived a ditching in the Indian Ocean - an unusual feat since Liberators usually fell apart when hitting the Ocean.


This may the final photograph of our Branch Treasurer, Danny Cooper, who died on Saturday, 23rd February 2002. He served fifteen years with the Royal Canadian Air Force and moved to Scotland in 1965. He is shown here, on the extreme right of this picture, during the Tornado flypast ceremony at East Fortune Airfield (19/10/2001), and when a copy of our our Branch Archives Book was given to the Museum of Flight.

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